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Welcome to the VACS (*) server,

You will find here information about several projects that I am driving. These projects are rather technical (the non-technical subjects are in fact kept jealously for my family). I have split the projects in two categories:

Open Source Projects
These are the Open Source software projects that I'm involved in. The most famous is probably the GNU Compiler Collection with the complete support of the 68HC11 and 68HC12 Freescale microcontrollers. Given the great success of this port, it has its own site: The GEL software project was created after a need for a set of embedded libraries for the 68HC11/HC12.
Electronic Projects
Most of the electronic projects presented here use one or several microcontrollers and they also include a software part. The Embedded Bathroom Control System is a fun project that I started in 1998. This project is the reason why I have made the GNU 68HC1x software project. The Laborary Power Supply is a new electronic project that I started in July 2006.

The projects described here are provided AS IS. They are covered by one or several Open Source License (basically the GPL, LGPL, MIT and BSD licenses). Schemas of the eletronic projects are provided with the GPL (I don't know if this is really applicable; my intent is that you can get/modify the schema&PCB for yourself but you must make the schema&PCB available to everybody; even if you sell the hardware).


(*) Pronounce VAX.

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